B&A to partner with NSS

On June 1, McLean, VA-based B&A announced a partnership with IDEMIA National Security Solutions (NSS), to deliver more tightly coupled identity solutions to support the U.S. federal criminal justice market. This partnership brings together B&A’s 30+ years of commitment to innovation and custom application development with NSS’s best-in-class identity platform. Together they will be modernizing mission-critical systems to reduce operational and maintenance costs, as well as increase agility for essential systems, B&A said.

NSS, headquartered in Alexandria, VA, brings 60+ years of identity intelligence for U.S. Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Agencies with best-in-class identity solutions that are top-rated by NIST for speed, accuracy, and reliability.

“We are proud to partner with B&A to provide the federal government with an integrated solution that increases efficiency, saves time, and ultimately improves security,” said Scott Swann, CEO of NSS. “This partnership is a win-win for all of us, including the U.S. federal criminal justice system.”

“The introduction of NSS’s trusted multi-modal biometric systems will increase ease and maintain security for our valued customers. We are excited to see this partnership will grow,” said Jonathan Evans, president and CEO of B&A.

Source: B&A