Ascolta detects and prevents cyber security threats in government and commercial markets

ascoltaAscolta, a Herndon, VA-based cyber threat assessment organization applying advanced analytics, launched today to provide services and solutions that target the knowledge gap that exists in the extent, complexity and severity of cyber threats to commercial and government interests.

“Ascolta goes beyond the traditional ‘advanced’ level of cyber security, where providers offer security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint threat detection and response, digital forensics, penetration testing and software code auditing,” said Steven Picot, President of Ascolta. “Ascolta adds to this traditional blocking and tackling by applying emerging cyber readiness technology, machine analytics and cross-organization collaboration and reporting, which we feel is now the minimum needed for sophisticated cyber attack discovery and deterrence. Customers are ingesting data at a rate never before seen and if they have deployed SIEM tools they are often dealing with unmanageable numbers of false positive reports. Even seasoned professionals have difficulty understanding what their growing amount of information is really saying, much less what actions to take. In short, that’s what Ascolta does; we listen to customer data and provide actionable intelligence.”

With leadership that draws from deep intelligence community and military backgrounds, Ascolta has developed proprietary capabilities to manage the volume and velocity of data required for today’s cyber threat assessment and response. The company links data science to real-world challenges and uncovers actionable insights that help organizations fulfill their mission goals and business objectives.

“In the cyber realm, Ascolta’s value proposition is clear,” said Richard Breakiron, Ascolta’s Vice President of Operations. “Allow us to scan your network, ingest your data and examine your network. From there, we can determine vulnerabilities but far more importantly position your network to recognize mounting attacks in real-time, or respond to attacks in progress. We deliver information at confidence levels that support timely decision making. That’s our differentiator.”

Ascolta is a wholly owned subsidiary of ViON Corporation, a market leader in the design, delivery and maintenance of mission critical IT infrastructure solutions.

Source: Ascolta