Army posts RFI for tactical power and transmission system integration

Army 112On April 22, the U.S. Army posted a request for information for system integration and software development tactical power and transmission (Solicitation Number: W56KGY-16-R-0013). Responses are due by 4:30pm EST on May 2.

The contractor shall provide the functional services, personnel, and materials related to Training, Total Package Fielding (TPF) IAW AR 700-142 and Sustainment on Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Power.
The contractor shall provide complete courses of instruction:
• Power Generation: STT on board generator through 200KW including depot level troubleshooting and repair. Electrical knowledge of power generation operations – knowledge level equivalent to journeyman level or greater. expert engineering support on the 30 and 60 kW B model TQG engines (John Deere) and the 5 and 10 kW TQG engines (Lister Petter).
• TOC power grid system with licensed electrician.
• Trailer Mounted Support Systems (TMSS) and vehicle mounted air-conditioned units with Universal Licensed Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioned (HVAC) certified instructors (Universal license Section 1 & 2 under the EPA). Operational and maintenance knowledge of Tactical Environmental Control Unit (ECU). Operational and maintenance knowledge of Power Distribution Installation System Equipment (PDISE) and similar equipment.
• Tactical Transmission: The contractor shall provide competent trainers for Tactical Transmission. The contractor may be required to provide:
– Multiband Radios: PSC-5 and 5D, PRC-117F and G, PRC-152
– Planning and management of the Combat Radio Network
– Secure Mobile Anti-jam Reliable Tactical Terminal (SMART-T)
– Global Broadcast System (GBS)
– TROJAN Spirit
– Satellite systems (including STT, SNAP, NCW, and GBS)
– Line of sight systems (such as 7800W, UHF and SHF)
– Light Counter-Mortar Radar (LCMR)
– Harris 117G
– Harris, Highband Network Radio (HNR)
– Rockwell Collins/Quint Networking Technology (QNT)
– Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT) Syntonics
– High Antennas for Radio Communication (HARC)
– EPLRS – Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
– Fiber Optic (certification required)
– Tactical Fiber Optic (certification required)
• CBM:
Contractor will develop 6 (ea) Netica Baysian Belief Networks (BBNs) (3 CBM +/pre-failure; 3 Cyber Depot/Virtual LAR, post-failure) over period of performance (knowledge engineering and Netica input).
Contractor must have breadth and depth of knowledge on all aspects, systems, and subsystems on the HARC 2S and on the PGSS and PTDS platforms that integrate with the HARC 2S. Contractor must display phased knowledge of the HARC 2S development and integration process to include logistics, engineering, and test.
Contractor will provide an Expert Knowledge Elicitation Environment (EKEE) as a developed and robust program for improving the knowledge engineering process for development of BBNs.
Contractor will perform pre-elicitation research, design, integrate and test Graphic User Interface (GUI) for Netica BBNs with repository for configuration/version/revision utilizing Netica, Java, Visual Studio, and BaseCamp.
Contractor will provide:
• Knowledge engineering and development of Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) for pre-failure diagnostics (CBM + EOA.) This involves elicitations/consultations with subject matter experts and development/testing of BBNs using the Netica software application for specific EOA sensors on PHM-enabled tactical generators.
• Knowledge engineering and development of Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) for post-failure diagnostics (Cyber Depot/Virtual LAR.) This involves elicitations with subject matter experts and development/testing of BBNs using the Netica software application for specific tactical generator sub-systems.
• Design of Graphical User Interface (GUI) for BBNs for both EOA and Cyber Depot/Virtual LAR BBNs.
• Programming/Coding of GUIs for each BBN
• Lab testing and operational testing of combined BBN and GUI deliverable

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps