ArcticDEM project has now mapped more than 65 percent of the Arctic, NGA reports

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, in collaboration with the National Science Foundation’s Polar Geospatial Center and Esri, has mapped more than 65 percent of the Arctic, detailed in the fifth Arctic DEM project release June 2.

ArcticDEM Release 5 represents the largest release of elevation data to date, more than doubling the number of available strip DEMs, mosaic tiles and geographic coverage area of all releases thus far combined. This release mapped 7.5 million square kilometers of the Arctic. With the previous four DEM releases, more than 24.6 million square kilometers of the Arctic has been mapped.

The project estimates total coverage of the Arctic landmass by December.

There have been 300,000 online downloads since the DEMs became publicly available in February.

The NGA Arctic DEM team will be at the GEOINT Symposium June 4-7 in San Antonio.

For more information visit the NGA Arctic website.

Source: NGA