APG posts 2024 APBI save the date

On December 20, the U.S. Army posted a save the date notice for the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) will host the APG Advance Planning Briefing to Industry (APBI). Team APG will host the APG APBI from 23–25 April 2024, at APG, MD. Please note that details, including specific organizational briefing schedules, remain subject to change.

The goal of the APG APBI is to describe for industry potential future contracting opportunities for mission areas that focus on: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance; Research and Development; Test and Evaluation; Chemical and Biological Defense; and APG Garrison. The APG APBI will identify potential contracting opportunities that are aligned with the roadmaps of each respective organization, specifically focusing on Fiscal Years 2025–2026. The APBI slides are anticipated to be posted electronically approximately two weeks prior to the start of the event. The Government will not hear formal bids from industry, as the purpose of the APBI is for the Government to brief upcoming opportunities to industry to help it better understand Army capability requirements and shape its internal development efforts.

In addition to the traditional contract opportunity briefings and small business highlights, this year’s APBI will include a selection of special interest sessions. Details about these sessions will be provided at a later date.

APBI 2024 will be held as a hybrid event with both in person and virtual attendance. Virtual attendees will be able to sign on and watch presentations live via MS Teams. We will release more information about logging on to the event, including links, by updating this Save the Date message a few days prior to APBI beginning. For those attending this event in person, Team APG will welcome you back to Myer Auditorium (Building 6000). All portions of this event will be held in Myer Auditorium. There will not be any food or beverage service on site during APBI. Attendees are encouraged to visit some of the local vendors located on APG. We will also schedule a minimum of 90 minutes for lunch, to allow attendees to go off post and return before the afternoon briefings begin.

Links to the MS Teams meeting(s) will be posted a few days before APBI begins, so check back regularly for those, updated read-aheads, general APBI updates, and, if needed, updates regarding DoD health guidance related to COVID-19.


REGISTRATION: The APG APBI will be unclassified and open to all interested contractors, large and small businesses, academia, as well as other Government stakeholders. Those attending in person will be required to complete a no-fee registration. The link to this registration site will be posted here in early April.

No advance registration is required for virtual attendees of this event.

Review the APG 2024 APBI save the date notice.

Source: SAM

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