Anduril and Aalyria announce partnership

Aalyria and Anduril Industries have signed a teaming agreement to integrate two key technologies that will advance the all-domain command and control of national security capabilities, Anduril announced May 9. Under the agreement, the companies will integrate Aalyria’s networking orchestration platform, Spacetime with Anduril’s open operating system for national security capabilities, Lattice.

Anduril’s Lattice software platform autonomously parses data from thousands of third-party sensors and data sources to form an intelligent operating view of the security environment or battle space. When used for national security missions, this allows operators to understand the risks and threats, make informed decisions, and take precise tactical actions. Aalyria’s Spacetime enhances these capabilities by adding advanced network orchestration capabilities that can create, manage, and remedy mesh communications networks that span any domain — land, sea, air, and space — across any number of communications-equipped assets, utilizing any radio frequency band or optical wavelength. The combined offering from Anduril and Aalyria provides best-in-class capabilities for diverse, resilient, and secure real time command and control across multiple classification domains, distributed geographies, in the contested communications environments of today and the future.

To understand the capabilities enabled by the integration of Spacetime and Lattice, when used for a defense application, consider an operating environment with manned or unmanned autonomous assets with offensive or ISR capabilities that can employ low probability of intercept/detection (LPI/LPD) communications with steerable directional antennas or free-space optical communications terminals.

By ingesting data from various assets, Anduril’s Lattice OS in this use case creates a holistic view of the battle space. As operators use this information to task offensive or ISR collection actions, Aalyria’s Spacetime will quickly create and manage the communications networks required to decisively enable those actions. To do this, Lattice will determine the specific requirements of the proposed action — including end-to-end connectivity, data rates, and latency limits — and Spacetime will quickly orchestrate the required mesh communications network using available battlefield assets.

Because Spacetime and Lattice operate autonomously and in real-time, the combined system can automatically mitigate jamming or the attrition of network assets, quickly reconstituting mesh networks and ensuring connectivity is constantly available to carry out mission priorities and actions at scale.

“This changes command and control forever,” said Chris Taylor, CEO of Aalyria. “Bringing together these two technologies will greatly expand battlefield capabilities, providing self-healing and resilient communications networks that haven’t before been possible. We’re really excited to be partnering with Anduril to continue to develop these next-generation capabilities and help to realize the Hybrid Space Architecture toward a complete all-domain command and control environment.”

“We’re pleased to partner with Aalyria to leverage our complimentary software, hardware and communications capabilities to deliver resilient communications and command and control capabilities for the U.S. government mission partners,” said Zach Mears, SVP and head of strategy at Anduril.

Source: Anduril

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