Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive Storage now available in AWS Commercial and GovCloud

On March 27, Seattle, WA-based Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive, a new Amazon S3 storage class providing secure and durable object storage for long-term retention of data that is accessed rarely in a year. S3 Glacier Deep Archive offers the lowest cost storage in the cloud, at prices lower than storing and maintaining data in on-premises magnetic tape libraries or archiving data offsite.

All objects stored in the S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class are replicated and stored across at least three geographically-dispersed Availability Zones, protected by 99.999999999% durability, and can be restored within 12 hours or less. S3 Glacier Deep Archive also offers a bulk retrieval option, where you can retrieve petabytes of data within 48 hours.

S3 Glacier Deep Archive expands AWS’ data archiving offerings, enabling users to select the optimal storage class based on storage and retrieval costs, and retrieval times. S3 Glacier Deep Archive is easy to use and requires minor configuration changes if users are already familiar with and using the S3 Glacier storage class. S3 Glacier Deep Archive is fully integrated with S3 features including S3 Storage Class Analysis, S3 Object Tagging, S3 Lifecycle policies, S3 Object Lock, Cross-Region Replication, and server-side encryption, including customer-managed keys, the company said.

The Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class is now generally available in all commercial AWS Regions and AWS GovCloud (US).

Source: AWS