Altamira acquires APG Technologies

altamiraAltamira Technologies Corporation (Altamira) of McLean, VA announced on November 1 its acquisition of APG Technologies, a Northern Virginia-based advanced engineering company supporting various customers in the United States DoD, Space, and Intelligence Community (IC).

“Altamira is very excited to welcome the APG team into the family. Their core capabilities and customer focus as well as our cultural alignment will amplify the strong progress we have made this year in building the leading next generation solutions provider to the IC,” said Ted Davies, president and CEO of Altamira.

APG supports the DoD, Space, and Intelligence Communities in overcoming the complex challenges of today’s mission critical information systems and responding to the ever-increasing velocity, variety, and volume of data while maintaining focus on the continually expanding complexity of missions. APG transforms data into clear information that enables US national security leaders to act with confidence.

“APG’s focus on multi-intelligence analysis, mission management, and space situational awareness solutions provides an additional depth of offer as we serve today’s customers, and acts as a catalyst to accelerate Altamira’s emerging strategic thrusts as our customers transition to new cloud-based environments and advance our nation’s space and counter-space capabilities,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of Altamira.

The benefits of the APG acquisition include a strengthened relationship with our core customers, an acceleration of Altamira’s geographic expansion to targeted adjacencies, and the continued development and deployment of exceptional employees with competitive skillsets that align with our customer’s enduring needs.

“We conducted an extensive search for a partner where we were technically aligned and culturally coupled and Altamira delivers on all fronts. Their focus on client mission delivery combined with direct, open, and honest communication across all aspects of business is genuine and refreshing and I see this as a seamless integration of two solidly performing companies. In Altamira, the government has a mid-market leader they can turn to for thought leadership and superb engineering and technical implementation. I am truly excited to be part of this,” said Mike Janeway, president and CEO of APG Technologies.

Source: Altamira