Alion to provide RF monitoring and telecommunications analysis aupport to USACE

Alion Science and Technology, headquartered in McLean, VA, announced on September 25 that it has been awarded a $33M task order to support the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) under the Defense Systems Information (DS) Analysis Center (IAC) Multiple Award Contract (MAC). Alion will provide solutions and support to USACE in maintaining, modernizing, and protecting vital ground-based and satellite communications infrastructure assets which are crucial to the USACE during emergencies, such as those associated with hurricanes and flooding.

USACE communications systems access to the radio frequency (RF) spectrum is challenged by competing commercial interests due to recent spectrum auctions. This may require USACE to move their RF operations to other parts of the spectrum, or develop the means to share the band they currently operate in with commercial entities. Alion’s analysis, surveying and testing activities will result in the development of monitoring and protection solutions that will protect USACE systems from RF interference.

Brandi Greenberg, Alion program manager, said, “The company has provided engineering solutions that optimize systems performance within operational spectrum, and electromagnetic constraints for over 55 years, and aims to ensure that USACE has unfettered access to the RF spectrum it needs for the continued success of its mission.”

Source: Alion Science and Technology