Alion awarded $25M Army contract to support wireless communications and systems

Alion 112Wireless communication using radio frequency (RF) spectrum is vitally important to successfully executing modern military operations, testing weapons systems, and training U.S. forces. Protecting the Army’s use of spectrum is critical to national security, which is why the Army Spectrum Management Office (ASMO) has awarded McLean, VA-based Alion Science and Technology, a global engineering, technology and operational solutions company, a $25 million contract to ensure the Army’s compliance with federal spectrum regulations and presidential direction while protecting wireless communications from interference.

In order to promote and protect Army access to the spectrum, Alion announced on November 30 that it will provide engineering assessments, research, and analysis to ensure uninterrupted operation of all current and future RF spectrum-dependent systems for ASMO customers and programs. This will help ensure that the Army’s spectrum requirements are supportable to conduct combat operations, training, and daily mission requirements around the world. Alion’s analysis will also aid in responding to Department of Defense challenges resulting from the ongoing implementation of the president’s National Broadband Policy.

“As the Army moves to support the President’s initiative to expand our nation’s leadership in wireless innovation, Alion’s expert spectrum research and analysis will help ensure reliable, advanced capabilities,” said Chris Amos, Alion Senior Vice President and Manager of the Technology Solutions Group. “Our five decades of experience in wireless communications will help support the uninterrupted operation of Army systems with concurrent commercial use while equipping senior Army leaders with the necessary, credible justification for Congressional testimony to protect RF spectrum-dependent systems.”

Alion’s expertise with analytical tools, data sources and analytical methods will help the Army address evolving spectrum challenges. Alion is adept at rapidly responding to spectrum reallocation and sharing issues and providing support for warfighters with spectrum-dependent equipment in conflict areas.

The task order was awarded under the Defense Systems Technical Area Task Multiple Award Contract (DS TAT MAC).

Source: Alion Science and Technology