AirTronic USA announces expanding role in surveillance operations for the defense industry

AirTronic 112Expanding its role in the surveillance market for the government and private sectors, San Antonio, TX-based AirTronic announced on September 23 that their Aerial Mapping and Geospatial Intelligence Systems are now operational and set to begin work in East Asia during the 4th Quarter, 2015.

This new service offering will incorporate both fixed wing and UAV taskable systems and provide customers a total data analytics solution. The company projects increased involvement in the UAV market as they continue to offer customized intelligence gathering and analytics solutions. Continued growth in this sector will enable the Company to fund future enhancements to their core systems and remain a trendsetter in the industry.

AirTronic USA is scheduled to participate in a series of select venues to include the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association Competition (24-27 September 2015), the Association of U.S. Army Exposition (12-14 October 2015), and the International Chiefs of Police Convention (24-27 October 2015). At each of these events, AirTronic will be showcasing their existing systems and providing additional product and service information.

Source: AirTronic USA