Air Force seeks information on potential prime vendors for low-demand space and C3I assets

Air Force 112On July 25, the U.S. Air Force posted a request for information on low demand space and C3I assets. The Air Force is conducting market research to get feedback about establishing a prime vendor contract.

The 415th Space and Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) Supply Chain Management Squadron (415 SCMS) is developing a strategic sourcing initiative to improve the efficiency and timelines by which we provide serviceable components to our customers.  The 415 SCMS team is asking for feedback from industry representatives regarding the establishment of a prime vendor contract.  Under this contract, the prime vendor would receive a requirement for a space and C3I component via a delivery order against the basic contract and would be responsible for locating a government approved source of repair or supply and delivering the component in serviceable condition to an Air Force or Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) facility/warehouse.

The 415 SCMS provides sustainment support for 26 weapon systems, 15 ground based space systems and 11 C3I systems.  This encompasses over 10,000 National Stock Numbers (NSNs) with a total inventory of approximately 95,000 assets.  The 15 space systems are comprised of ground bases and mobile systems that range from high altitude/space tracking radars, infrared launch tracking, and satellite communications to low altitude tracking/identification manned and unmanned radar systems.  The 11 C3I systems are comprised of mobile tracking/identification tracking radar systems and mobile threat emitting radar systems utilized for Air Force fighter pilot training.  The technology for these systems spans over a 70 year period of time (1940s – 2014) utilizing analog, digital, solid state, microcircuit, traveling wave tubes, etc. concepts.  The technical data to support each of the systems is limited based on data provided at the time of system development and acquisition.


Full information is available here.

Source: FedBiOpps