Air Force posts XTREEMS sources sought

On May 19, the U.S. Air Force posted a sources sought notice for its Xdomain Technology Through Research, Evolution, Enhancement, Maintenance and Support (XTREEMS) program (Solicitation Number: FA8750-17-R-0200). Responses are due on June 9.

Capable sources are sought to perform innovative research, technology assessment, technology transition, software development, integration, testing, technical documentation, assessment and authorization (A&A) support, deployment, familiarization, maintenance, and life cycle support for next-generation Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) and the Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) CDS suite of solutions. Sources with cleared personnel possessing both experience and knowledge as it pertains to the unique elements of classified systems; cross domain requirements; software development lifecycles; and the processes and certifications essential to supporting all phases of the CDS system lifecycle should respond and demonstrate this experience and knowledge through the qualifications of their available, cleared personnel.

The primary effort will concentrate on innovative research, development, test, and evaluation of new Cross Domain Transfer Solution technologies that provide a premier level of security to critical network infrastructures while allowing for an intuitive administration and user experience to meet the operational information sharing requirements of the Air Force, Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and Coalition Partners. New development efforts will align with “Best Practices for CDS Design” strategies; while developing new components, filter sets, and source code; and advancing available components, filter sets, and source code from government and commercial entities. The development effort will leverage knowledge across AFRL, Air Force, DoD, IC and the CDS community to ensure a balanced approach to security and operations; and will occur in a manner that allows for system evolution and incremental release to support emerging needs of the CDS community in a timely fashion. This development effort will result in the availability of multi-domain, multi-purpose, cross domain transfer solutions that enable the secure, bi-directional flow of many data types between two or more security domains accredited for operation at different classification levels. The new solution will provide authorized users (and/or mission applications) the ability to securely transfer data between multiple (minimum of 12), interconnected security domains; while protecting the security domains from unauthorized access or malicious attack; and auditing all data transfers between security domains.

Concurrently, the effort will concentrate on enhancement, deployment and support of the initial increment of the Next Generation Guard (NGG) CDS and the legacy Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) CDS suite of solutions utilized for secure Cross Domain Transfer by Air Force, DoD, IC and Coalition Partners. The ISSE CDS suite of solutions includes: Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) CDS, Analyst Notebook Transfer Xdomain (ANTiX) proxy, Filter Sets, Full Motion Video (FMV) adapters, ISSE in a Box (IIAB) – ISSE component Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted on a SecureView Type 1 hypervisor, Large File Slicer, Multi-Level Data Base Replication (MLDBR), Security And Workflow Enforcement Services (SAWES), and Web Services.

As mission needs evolve, cross domain transfer requirements will continue to evolve resulting in the need for rapid research, enhancements, and deployment of the above mentioned systems and new cross domain solutions.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps