Air Force posts OASIS-R RFP

On September 6, the U.S. Air Force posted a request for proposals for an Operational Assessment System to Inform Status of Readiness (OASIS-R). Proposals are due on September 17.

This is a Request for Proposal (RFP). The Government is seeking proposals that outline how respondent’s cutting-edge technologies can be applied to military readiness. Respondents must describe how their technologies can be leveraged to discover, integrate, model, and analyze data from disparate authoritative databases (ADS) in a way to provide real-time, dynamic, and visual operational military readiness assessments. Additionally, respondents should describe how the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning can inform Air Force decision makers through the creation of new insights and predictive analysis as it relates to military readiness characterization, assessments and optimization.

The dynamic nature and complexity of today’s information space demands an innovative tool that enables Air Force leaders to transition and transform the force at the speed of mission. Commanders must regularly work in multiple databases with varying degrees of access across different networks to build an assessment of their forces’ readiness to meet a given challenge. To facilitate this requirement, a tool is sought that informs the strategic military readiness, manning, equipping, and training assessments and decisions essential for mission success.

Respondents to this announcement should provide a 10-page outline that describes their proposed solution to the problem and demonstrates their capability to deliver a product demonstration at no cost to the Air Force no later than 30 business days after the acceptance of their proposal. The solution must allow commanders to assimilate, visualize and utilize military readiness data in the formation of strategic decisions essential to our ability to Fly, Fight and Win in Air, Space and Cyberspace.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps