Air Force posts C2IE capability RFI

On May 18, the U.S. Air Force posted a request for information (RFI) for Command Control Information Environment (C2IE) Capability. Responses are due by 12:00 p.m. Central on June 6.

AFLCMC/HNCJ is seeking industry input for the pursuit of five major capability areas (CA) for the continued development and sustainment of the Command and Control of the Information Environment (C2IE) capability. The C2IE capability integrates a DoD-wide effort to optimize warfighter capability to detect, monitor, assess, understand, and act in the information environment with the abilities to:

  • Monitor the IE through acquisition of Publicly Available Information (PAI), such as social media and edited media (e.g., news,  official government releases)
    • Assess and understand the IE by applying analytics to PAI, correlating PAI data and analytic results, and correlating PAI analytic results with friendly data and intelligence community (IC) products
    • Understand the implications of IE activities through visually displayed status and alerts in relation to objectives, effects, issues, topics, or other user-defined criteria.

The C2IE program office is seeking five major capabilities. [Note: vendors can respond to any combination or all of the five capability areas as addressed in the requested information (RFI Section 3) below]:

o Capability Area 1 (CA 1): Software Operations & Maintenance (Agile Approach), Productivity Operations, Data/Analytics, Hardware/Production Instances
o Capability Area 2 (CA 2): Unified Combatant Command (CCMD) Integration
o Capability Area 3 (CA 3): Training/Help Desk
o Capability Area 4 (CA 4): Software Research & Development (Agile Approach)
o Capability Area 5 (CA 5): Data Acquisition of PAI

CCMDs conduct shaping by synchronizing the full range of activities, actions and messages contributing to shaping effects to include traditional messaging disciplines such as Public Affairs (PA), Key Leader Engagement (KLE), and Military Information Support Operations (MISO), as well as Security Cooperation activities, tests, exercises, demonstrations, and Freedom of  Navigation Operations. Decision makers, planners, analysts, and operators at C2 echelons will benefit from this integrated  capability. Joint commanders have access to fused information that is delivered at the pace of the operating environment that empowers multi-domain decision-making.

The C2IE system characteristics will include enhanced interoperability from cloud computing reference architectures and integrated infrastructure and various databases across the DoD. The cloud computing infrastructure, built on enterprise level services, will also include DevSecOps platform services to support Agile software development efforts. The Agile development will provide immediate value through early delivery of incremental value as opposed to long development cycles experienced through waterfall development efforts.

Review the full C2IE RFI.

Source: SAM

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