AI2C posts cloud technician course RFI

On August 17, the Army Artificial Intelligence Integration Center (AI2C) posted a request for information for an AI Cloud Technician course. Responses are due by 10:00 a.m. Central on August 24.

AI2C has a requirement for the development of an AI Technician Course curriculum, and the Army Contracting Command – Rock Island (ACC-RI) is exploring available options for certifications for AI Technicians. The course will facilitate/pilot the program to 15 students over a 12 month period from 30 August 2021 through 29 August 2022. These services support the AI2C’s directed workforce development mission which will provided Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Architecture, and Machine Learning to cohorts of soldiers in which are accepted into the program. The Government intends on delivering the AI Technician course based on three commercial courses (Cloud Administration, Cloud DevOps, and Principles of Computing).

Course Description

Students will gain knowledge and develop hands-on experience solving real-world problems in the area of cloud administration. This includes the process to provision, orchestrate, scale, manage and monitor cloud services across compute, storage, networking, and security using various cloud interfaces. All projects utilize existing public cloud infrastructure, tools, and services. Specifically, students will be exposed to real-world scenarios, infrastructure, and data. It is our goal that students will develop the skills needed to become a cloud administrator.

Course Goals

In this course, students gain hands-on experience solving real world problems by completing projects in the areas of identity management, resource provisioning and configuration, scaling, orchestration, monitoring, security, and disaster recovery, which utilize existing public cloud tools and services. It is our goal that students will develop the skills needed to become a practitioner in the domain of cloud administration. Specifically, students are exposed to real-world data, scenarios, infrastructure and budgets in order to learn how to:

1) Identify and suggest appropriate cloud services to deploy cloud-based applications or services

2) Propose and implement cloud-based identity management solutions

3) Provision, configure, deploy, monitor, scale, and manage cloud-based web applications

4) Orchestrate, secure and recover cloud-based web applications; Through this process, we aspire for our students to become sophisticated, independent, and resilient problem solvers who are able to overcome challenges and learn

Review the full AI2C RFI.

Source: SAM