On July 14, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) released the broad agency announcement (BAA) for Multi-Spectral Sensing Technologies Research and Development (MUSTER).

AFRL’s Multispectral Sensing and Detection Division (RYM) in the Sensors Directorate conducts basic and applied research, advanced technology development, as well as test and evaluation to meet U.S. Air Force (USAF) aerospace electro-optical (EO) and radio frequency (RF) sensor needs for air, space and C2 sensor systems.

AFRL/RYM conducts programs in modeling, simulation, research, design, test and evaluation of RF and EO subsystems and sensors for use in offensive, defensive and integrated offensive/defensive systems. AFRL/RYM ensures unequaled persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; time sensitive targeting; and battlespace access capabilities for America’s air and space forces by developing, demonstrating and transitioning advanced RF and EO sensors. AFRL/RYM is soliciting innovative research proposals in the following Thirteen (13) research areas.

Multiband Multifunction Radio Frequency Sensing (RYMF)

  • Multiband Multifunction Array Development
  • Fully Adaptive Radar
  • Advanced Digital Multifunction Arrays Laser Radar Technology (RYMM)
  • Laser Radar Imaging, Systems, Components, and Applications

Passive Radio Frequency Sensing (RYMP)

  • Passive Radio Frequency Sensing Distributed Radio Frequency Sensing (RYMS)
  • Waveform Phenomenology, Design and Applications
  • Sensor Information Processing and Integration

EO Target Detection & Surveillance (RYMT)

  • Passive Electro-optic and Infrared Sensor Technology
  • Novel EO/IR Hardware and Algorithms
  • Hyperspectral Imaging Technology
  • Standoff High Resolution Imaging (SHRI)
  • Infrared Search and Track Technology
  • Passive EO/IR Space-Based Sensing

Review the full MUSTER BAA.

Source: SAM