On February 9, the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) posted an advanced research announcement (ARA) for Signals Information Exploitation Technology Enhancements (SIETE). For best funding consideration in FY22, AFRL recommends that white papers be submitted by March 15, 2022.

AFRL is seeking innovative research to investigate algorithms, methodologies, and techniques for the demonstration and evaluation of enhanced signal information exploitation, dissemination, and analytics of existing and emerging adversarial systems. Areas of emphasis include 1) onboard processing enhancements of manned and unmanned Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms; 2) high speed signal detection and prosecution technology demonstration, 3) cross domain multi-sensor/multi-platform data analytics, and 4) Open System Architecture (OSA) compliance for demonstration in operationally relevant environments.

The Air Force Research Laboratory is soliciting white papers under this Advanced Research Announcement (ARA) for the Signal Information Exploitation Technology Enhancements (SIETE) program to mature, prototype, demonstrate, and evaluate algorithms, methodologies, techniques, and capabilities to enable enhanced signal processing, exploitation, dissemination, and analytics of existing and emerging adversarial systems.  White papers shall:

  • Identify requirements to enhance current operational capabilities for the prosecution and exploitation of existing and emerging adversarial signals and systems
  • Develop/enhance prototype signal processing and exploitation algorithms of priority systems and signals of interest (SOIs)
  • Implement applicable Open System Architecture (OSA) standards and frameworks to ensure cross-platform interoperability
  • Demonstrate and evaluate signal processing and exploitation algorithms in operationally relevant environments
  • Deliver capability artifacts, performance evaluation, system and software interface control and source code documentation
  • Coordinate across applicable Air Force, DoD, and Intelligence Community partners to facilitate operational transition


Source: SAM

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