ABL Space secures DoD contract

El Segundo, CA-based ABL Space Systems announced on May 17 its fourth contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). ABL was awarded “Responsive Launch II” by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), a DoD organization that aims to strengthen U.S. national security by accelerating the adoption of commercial technology across the military and growing the national security innovation base. This award builds on ABL’s growing portfolio with the Department, which includes over $50M+ in active contracts.

Responsive Launch II is a multilateral effort between various DoD launch stakeholders, including DIU, the Space and Missile Systems Center Rocket Systems Launch Program, and the DoD Space Test Program. Within this Area of Interest, DIU sought solutions that increased flexibility to place payloads in their “mission-designated orbits” with minimal delay. This capability is key to achieving “responsive space access, mobility, and logistics” as outlined by the United States Space Force.

“ABL is proud to partner with the full team that has come together to meet this need,” notes ABL President Dan Piemont. “We have designed our systems to provide responsive capabilities since day one, and this effort exemplifies how rapidly developed commercial capabilities can be leveraged to meet emerging DoD needs. Our systems will provide access to space when and where needed, without making any compromises on performance or cost.”

ABL will utilize its purpose-built launch vehicle (RS1) and deployable ground systems (GS0) for the DIU Responsive Launch II mission. RS1 and GS0’s rapid, flexible operations ensure that launch can respond to disruptions in the existing space architecture. ABL has focused on adaptive manufacturing and production and offers capabilities at low-cost. Together, this enables users to focus on the mission at-hand.

“We designed RS1 and GS0 to enable unique responsive launch missions,” said ABL Chief Executive Officer Harry O’Hanley. “We’re excited to partner with DIU to demonstrate responsive launch operations and deliver new capabilities to the U.S. Government.”

ABL is performing on multiple awards with partners across SMC, AFRL, and other groups within the US Government, national security community, and intelligence community. ABL’s DIU Responsive Launch II award – one of multiple awards under the Responsive Launch II project – builds on a growing portfolio of responsive launch efforts, which center mission needs. Using RS1 and GS0, ABL’s flexible approach can help to activate new launch capabilities globally.

Source: ABL