1901 Group, Red Hat announce collaboration

Reston, VA-based 1901 Group announced on July 16 its commitment to the Red Hat ecosystem as a Gold and Cloud Services partner, and the selection of Red Hat OpenShift as the central component of a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline used to automate the migration of mission-critical legacy applications to the cloud.

“Working in FISMA and FedRAMP environments takes specialized expertise and experience. Red Hat supports the collaboration with 1901 Group, and we believe our collective successes within the federal market demonstrate a positive example to other agencies of efficient cloud migration, improved cybersecurity, and cost-effective IT modernization,” said Tricia Fitzmaurice, director, National Security Programs and Federal Law Enforcement, Red Hat.

Reducing costs and complexity is a crucial benefit of employing a CI/CD pipeline, a modernized process that forms the backbone of the emerging Agile-based DevSecOps environment. CI/CD helps streamline application development and delivery by adopting an integrated-teams culture, operating principles, and best practices to ensure development teams create, test, and deploy application code frequently using automated processes and tools wherever possible.

“Federal agencies are excited to see real progress migrating to the cloud and modernizing their enterprise IT all while accelerating deployment, improving performance, and enhancing security. Our team is committed to the Red Hat partner program, leveraging OpenShift in AWS GovCloud, as the central component of our CI/CD pipeline offering. A well-orchestrated CI/CD pipeline allows application developers to focus on meeting customer requirements and delivering high-quality code with robust security resulting from automation,” said Brendan Walsh SVP of Partner Relations of 1901 Group.

“OpenShift fits perfectly by providing a way to enable rapid and automated deployments – saving time and money – critical to delivering new capabilities for the customer in real-time and migrating mission-critical legacy applications for our federal customers. We remain committed to continuing to accelerate innovation while at the same time decreasing iteration time and improving continuity,” said Scott Friend, Associate Vice President of 1901 Group.

Speed and agility continue to be leading motives for enterprise cloud adoption. In the Federal IT market, for any agency or IT organization looking to modernize its infrastructure, move to the cloud, or institute a faster application development process, CI/CD introduces a high-value tactical tool for ongoing automation and improved responsiveness. Agencies moving away from costly legacy on-premise infrastructure to take advantage of cloud-based or open source tools, such as Red Hat OpenShift, are prime targets for leveraging CI/CD implementation. The same is true for IT organizations with Agile development methods, or those wanting to migrate to more Agile-based processes.

Source: 1901 Group