Wallaroo.AI joins USSF SDA TAP Lab Apollo Accelerator

On May 30, Wallaroo.AI announced its selection for the prestigious US Space Force (USSF) SDA TAP Lab Apollo Accelerator program in Colorado Springs. A two-time SpaceWERX Orbital Prime awardee, Wallaroo.AI’s participation in this program solidifies its position at the forefront of technological innovation to enhance the security and functionality of aerospace and defense systems critical to the United States, its allies, and commercial partners.

The SDA TAP Lab is dedicated to ensuring the success of space superiority missions by rapidly integrating cutting-edge technologies that address critical gaps. The lab’s mission includes prioritizing needs with space operators (Space Force Guardians), mapping needs to innovative technologies, and swiftly onboarding technologies onto existing platforms within the USSF. The program aims to engage with industry partners to deliver practical solutions that can be operationalized quickly, reinforcing the security and resilience of space assets.

“We are thrilled to welcome Wallaroo.AI to Cohort 3 of the Apollo Accelerator program,” said the SDA TAP Lab’s Chief Major Sean Allen. “Wallaroo.AI’s technologies are accelerating small business breaking into the SDA market by streamlining machine learning ops…a great benefit for leveraging the small but mighty pool of talent helping protect and defend space assets from attack.”

Wallaroo.AI brings to the table its state-of-the-art AI and machine learning platform designed to deploy, manage, and observe AI models at scale, seamlessly, and is particularly effective at enabling the AI applications in extreme edge scenarios, including space. This capability is pivotal in advancing the SDA TAP LAB’s mission to automate prediction, detection, tracking, identification, warning, characterization, and attribution of threats to space systems effectively and efficiently. By participating in the Apollo Accelerator program’s Cohort 3, Wallaroo.AI will leverage its robust AI infrastructure to develop innovative solutions that enhance SDA related use cases.

“Wallaroo.AI’s technology is ideally suited to meet the challenges of space domain awareness, and we are excited to collaborate with the SDA, industry leaders, and academic partners to safeguard space assets,” said Vid Jain, CEO of Wallaroo.AI. “This program aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver AI solutions that have real-world impact. We are honored to be part of the SDA TAP LAB Apollo Accelerator program.”

The inclusion of Wallaroo.AI in the accelerator program underscores the strategic importance of AI in the defense and space sectors. The SDA TAP LAB’s approach to rapidly integrating and operationalizing advanced technologies ensures that the U.S. and its allies maintain a competitive edge in space.

Source: Wallaroo.AI

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