Vricon wins contract to support US Army Geospatial Center

VriconVricon was awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) contract to support the Army Geospatial Center (AGC) with 10-meter and 0.5-meter geospatial data, the McLean, VA-based company announced August 26. Vricon’s mission is to build The Globe in 3D by producing photorealistic 3D products and digital elevation models with unmatched coverage and delivery timelines.

Under the contract, Vricon will provide AGC with DSM-10 — a digital surface model (DSM) with 10-meter postings — for an entire country. Vricon also will provide the Vricon Data Suite — a bundle of products that includes Vricon 3D Surface Model, Vricon DSM, Vricon Point Cloud, and Vricon True Ortho — for specific areas around the world. All Vricon Data Suite products possess a 0.5-meter resolution.

“This is a tremendous award for Vricon,” said Magnus Brege, CEO of Vricon. “It validates the quality of our products and the importance of our global coverage. Moreover, the US Government recognized our pricing model as ‘extremely affordable’ — we create this value through our unique automated processing techniques that help keep costs down while maintaining superior accuracy.”

Source: Vricon