Voyager Space and Palantir announce strategic partnership

On June 27, Voyager Space announced a strategic partnership with Palantir Technologies, Inc., a leading builder of artificial intelligence (AI) systems for the modern enterprise. Together, Voyager and Palantir will rapidly advance the space and defense technology sectors by integrating Palantir’s cutting-edge AI tools across the Voyager enterprise.

This partnership solidifies Voyager’s commitment to leading the space industry in AI-driven innovation, ensuring robust and agile solutions for defense and commercial applications. Expanding on a previous Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) announced earlier this year, Voyager will now fully integrate Palantir’s AI capabilities into their defense solutions, benefiting from Palantir’s deep expertise delivering for the Department of Defense (DoD). This collaboration enhances communications, military research and development, as well as intelligence and space research, making space more accessible to the defense community and vice versa.

“We are thrilled to partner with Palantir, a company that shares our vision for leveraging technology to drive transformative change,” said Matt Kuta, president, Voyager Space. “By embracing Palantir’s game-changing AI across our operations, we not only enhance Voyager’s defense-tech capabilities, but also set a new standard for the broader aerospace industry. This collaboration will enable us to deliver unprecedented value and innovation to our customers and stakeholders.”

Voyager will leverage Palantir Foundry and the Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) to drive value in its in-house payload management system for International Space Station customers today, as well as onboard the Starlab commercial space station in the future. It is also building a prototype “Customer Hub” for its customers to submit payload requests via Palantir’s software.

The partnership also bolsters Voyager’s defense segment, offering the opportunity to use AI to process and optimize flight and testing data on solid fuel thrusters to ensure smooth flight. Palantir’s software can also help power increased real time signal data processing and more precise targeting for Voyager’s optical communications systems for DoD customers.

“We look forward to deepening our collaboration with Voyager Space,” said Shyam Sankar, CTO of Palantir. “Palantir is committed to building transformative AI solutions across every domain. Our work with Voyager enables us to continue expanding the boundaries of these capabilities to better meet the context of our customer’s mission. Together, we will drive the innovation our nation needs to create resilient infrastructure, scale production, and uphold national security.”

Source: Voyager Space

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