Vibrint and QED partner

Vibrint announced on June 18 announced it has teamed with quantum technology pioneer QED to codevelop a range of solutions that will allow federal government agencies to ensure quantum safety in critical infrastructure, defense and intelligence.

“We are excited to be working closely with the QED team, who are respected as the most creative and skilled technology people in the field of quantum-safe technologies today,” said Tom Lash, CEO of Vibrint. “Their incredible innovations in post-quantum cryptography and quantum random number generation align perfectly with our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions to national security organizations. Together, we can provide unparalleled security for our clients’ most critical infrastructures.”

This collaboration focuses on helping federal customers prepare for “Q” day — the anticipated moment when quantum computing will be capable of surpassing current encryption protocols. PQC, relying on true QRNG supplied by QED’s offerings, has been developed to address this event.

Vibrint Quantum-Safe Solutions powered by QED are both hardware- and software-based, aim to fortify existing security measures, and are fully compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), National Security Agency (NSA) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. The Vibrint and QED teams’ solutions are designed to be future-proof, supporting updates to the current generation of quantum-resistant algorithms and seamlessly integrating with existing communication protocols. The hardware solutions include accelerators that eliminate latency and bottlenecks, providing efficient and secure operations.

“Our collaboration with Vibrint is a significant step forward in ensuring that our digital infrastructure remains secure against the threats posed by quantum computing,” said Jesse Van Griensven, CEO of QED. “These solutions are not only built to address today’s vulnerabilities but also designed to adapt and evolve with future advancements in quantum-resistant algorithms. [Vibrint’s and QED’s] close relationships within the national security community, and their passion for driving rapid solutions for customers’ most critical mission challenges, open opportunities for providing valuable support at an important time. By teaming up, we are bringing advanced tech to secure systems from on-site to the cloud to the tip of the spear, helping safeguard forces, systems and America’s most vital assets.”

Source: Vibrint

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