ViaSat awarded new cybersecurity software contract to protect mobile devices at the battlefield’s tactical edge

ViaSat Inc. of Carlsbad, CA announced on August 28 that it was awarded a production contract to provide ViaSat Mobile Dynamic Defense (MDD) cybersecurity software to protect and secure Tactical Local Area Network (TACLAN) Field Computing Device – Wearable (FCD-W) platforms. Using the information assurance (IA) ‘Defense in Depth’ model where multiple layers of security controls and countermeasures are woven together, the ViaSat MDD platform ensures sensitive information hosted on the End User Device (EUD) is continually checked and protected from compromise – even if the EUD is disconnected from infrastructure, or the EUD remote management system.

The MDD software addresses mobile device management IA security requirements (e.g. DISA STIG) for tactical deployment. What makes it highly valuable at the tactical edge is its ability to provide the necessary policy enforcement and in-mission configuration flexibility without a connection to a remote management system. This level of security is achieved through self-attestation, event logging and automated threat response. These security features enable the EUD to obtain Authority to Operate (ATO) on a U.S. Government network, even when disconnected from the operations center.

“Protecting sensitive information stored and accessed on mobile devices at the tactical edge has been a major challenge for U.S. Government agencies in the thick of battle,” said Ken Peterman, president, Government Systems, ViaSat. “Our investments in the commercial markets allow us to quickly and cost-effectively bring products, like the ViaSat MDD mobile device cybersecurity platform, to government and military agencies – ensuring warfighters have the latest mobility solutions without the fear of jeopardizing confidential government policy, information or device integrity. Further, with ViaSat’s cybersecurity MDD software, warfighters have the flexibility to remotely or locally – without live network access – provision and configure devices on-the-fly as a mission changes.”

ViaSat is working with iGov, a systems integrator specializing in delivering mission-centric Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) solutions, on this contract. The two companies are working with the U.S. Government to enable future platform and mission capabilities for the TACLAN FCD-W program, which is designed for the dismounted soldier and incorporates a suite of Situational Awareness and Digitally Aided Close Air Support applications, including ATAK, mobileJECL and ATRAX supporting VMF, Link 16, SADL and ANW2.

Source: ViaSat