USSOCOM announces Innovation Foundry 15

On February 5, the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) issued an invitation for  Innovation Foundry 15 (IF15). Applications are due by March 4.

SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM’s Directorate of Science and Technology (S&T) Futures and UK Strategic Command, will host the fifteenth Innovation Foundry event (IF15) in London, England.  As the second international event in the series, IF15 aims to bring together military practitioners, industry, academia, national laboratories, and futurists to explore and ideate around future scenarios and missions. This phase of the innovation cycle is being co-sponsored by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD).

The theme of IF15, ‘Smart Cities – Future Challenges for SOF’, will explore the challenges of physical and remote SOF operations in a range of future complex smart city scenarios.

S&T Futures has developed and refined a unique process, the Innovation Cycle, to engage technology pioneers and leaders, and to discover and develop high risk, innovative, and disruptive technologies for future on-boarding. This Innovation Foundry is the first phase of the Innovation Cycle and will be focused on idea generation. Deliverables for the IF15 event will include preliminary capability concepts targeting the defined problem areas which may impact SOF and operations in the 2035 timeframe in interconnected smart cities. This event will be followed by 1) a Rapid Capability Assessment (RCA) to further develop the preliminary capability concepts, and 2) a series of Integrated Technology Sprints (ITS), to demonstrate proofs of concept.

The event will be a compelling opportunity for leading minds and innovators in industry, academia, labs, and government, as well as subject matter experts (SMEs) to collaborate and ideate with other experts.

During IF15, selected participants will ideate, collaborate, and develop concepts for the future needs of SOF. USSOCOM also uses Innovation Foundries to build key relationships with entrepreneurs and technology developers.

Review the full Innovation Foundry 15 invitation.

Source: SAM

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