US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence issues RFI in preparation for MI Innovation Day

Army seal 112The US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence posted the following request for information (RFI) on April 28. Interested contractors should note that white papers are due no later than May 26.

MI Innovation Day, hosted by US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence (ICoE), scheduled for 27-30 July, is conducted at the end of Enterprise Challenge (EC15). MI- Innovation day will include a set of technology demonstrations and requirements discussions with capability developers from ICoE. MI-Innovation Day will be a unique ICoE event which will drive market research to inform Capabilities Development & Integration (CDI) of capabilities available to support strategies for Force 2025(F2025) efforts.

F2025 is a campaign plan developed by Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) for the Total Army that drives proactive, long-term focused modernization. In the near term, 2014-2020, the Army adopts an expeditionary, future-focused mindset, and through agile and adaptive leaders and improved resilient networks (cyberspace), becomes more globally responsive and capable. In the mid-term, 2020-30, the Army is leaner, more lethal, expeditionary, and agile, retains overmatch against increasingly capable adversaries, and sets conditions for the 2030-40 timeframe. In the far term, 2030-40, the Army is significantly improved through organizational force designs with new operational concepts and advanced technologies, and with operationally significant forces, conducts expeditionary maneuver to influence events in near-real time to achieve strategic objectives.

Within TRADOC, quote mark the Army Warfighting Challenges (AWFCs) provide an analytical framework to integrate efforts across warfighting functions while collaborating with key stakeholders in learning activities, modernization, and future force design quote mark (The U.S. Army Operating Concept, 7 Oct 2014). While Army intelligence has equities in several of the twenty AWFCs, no question is more important to Army Intelligence than the following: quote mark How does the Army develop and sustain a high degree of situational understanding while operating in complex environments against determined, adaptive enemy organizations? quote mark It is the exploration of this question that has initiated the need to revise and adapt our current required capabilities. From a development standpoint, F2025B drives proactive modernization and innovation to meet external and internal challenges over the next twenty years. The Army must develop a leaner, more lethal, expeditionary, and agile force that retains overmatch against increasingly capable adversaries while setting conditions for the period beyond 2025.

This RFI is focused on a few select capability topics from within various ICoE, CDI departments. The capability topics are organized into near, mid and far term focus areas.

More information about the focus areas and other submission requirements is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps