Tyto Athene expands IC market presence with acquisition of Island IT Consultants

Tyto Athene of Herndon, VA, backed by Arlington Capital Partners, announced on March 4 its acquisition of Island Information Technology Consultants (IITC). This acquisition strengthens Tyto Athene’s capabilities in the Intelligence Community and in core capabilities across the platform within the integrated information visualization and multimedia spaces for command and control environments.

The addition of IITC marks the latest development in Tyto Athene and Arlington Capital Partners strategy of building a mid-market mission critical technology solutions and services business serving government customers. The strategy sees the company combining its understanding of government customer mission with core and edge based innovative technologies, services, and solutions to ultimately deliver better information faster thereby enabling faster, better, and more reliable decision making anywhere.

“Tyto believes that ubiquitous access to the right information delivered at the right time especially in the furthest most edges of the enterprise, is paramount to mission success,” said Jeff Murray, Tyto Athene CEO. “Decisions are made where information is consumed and therefore assuring information is presented in consistent and reliable ways is paramount to our client’s success. The combination of Tyto Athene and IITC enables us to create significantly greater value in our client’s decision making capabilities and processes. IITC brings tremendous capabilities, people, values, and mission awareness that combined can be used across the entire Tyto Athene portfolio to create better outcomes for our customers.”

Dennis Powell, founder and CEO of IITC, said, “We are excited about this relationship, and we believe it will enable IITC to take the next step in development and growth. Tyto Athene and IITC share the same attitude toward customer support and employee welfare that has helped us to become successful in the space we currently support and has obviously been the formula for success for Tyto Athene as well. I believe this union can only enhance what we can do for each other, our employees, and our customers. We look forward to what the future holds.”

Michael Lustbader, a managing partner at Arlington, said, “We have been very impressed with the organization that Dennis, Patti, Matt, and Matthew have built serving a highly demanding customer. We are excited about the combination of IITC with Tyto Athene and believe both businesses share the same intense focus on the customer and mission. This focus will allow the combined business to continue driving value for all of the Company’s stakeholders.”

Source: Tyto Athene