TrustPoint partners with SpiderOak

On December 18, TrustPoint Inc. announced its strategic partnership with SpiderOak, a leader in space cybersecurity software. The collaboration aims to elevate TrustPoint’s GNSS infrastructure to unparalleled levels of security through SpiderOak’s OrbitSecure’s Zero-Trust data exchange software.

The groundbreaking partnership will empower TrustPoint to implement the first-ever zero-trust, end-to-end commercial PNT system across all space and ground segment components. OrbitSecure’s cutting-edge products will secure all aspects of data storage and transmission, including Queueing and Messaging for Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C), at the data level using its patented distributed ledger and key distribution system.

As part of the agreement, SpiderOak will deploy a planned upgrade in the OrbitSecure platform later in 2024. This upgrade will fortify the provenance and security of critical data elements contained within the Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) service, incorporating a proprietary authentication system to counter key forms of spoofing effectively.

“At TrustPoint, we are committed to revolutionizing the GNSS market, and this partnership with SpiderOak is a significant leap towards achieving that goal,” said Chris DeMay, founder and COO of TrustPoint. “Our end to end implementation of OrbitSecure ensures unprecedented security for our GNSS system, setting new standards for cybersecurity, mission resilience, and data reliability.”

“SpiderOak is thrilled to join forces with TrustPoint to build in cybersecurity from the ground up. While backward compatible with on orbit systems, working side by side with TrustPoint in development makes all segments of its entire GNSS system completely ‘bullet proof’ against any form of cyber-attack,” said Charles Beames, SpiderOak executive chairman. “The OrbitSecure software suite is designed to provide robust protection at every level, and we are excited to fully implement it across TrustPoint’s innovative products and services.”

Source: TrustPoint

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