Tony Frazier named LeoLabs CEO

On February 26, Menlo Park, CA-based LeoLabs, a provider of integrated solutions that persistently monitor activity in space to reveal threats to safety and security, announced Tony Frazier has been appointed as its new chief executive officer (CEO). Frazier will lead LeoLabs as it scales to become a critical mission partner for combined military space operations and next generation space safety systems.

Frazier’s wealth of experience driving innovation at the intersection of commercial space and national security will help LeoLabs further accelerate its growth and solidify its position as an industry leader. Most recently, as the executive vice president and general manager of public sector Earth intelligence at Maxar Technologies, he led a $1B business that supported missions across the U.S. government and over 60 international customers. During his tenure at Maxar, GeoEye, and DigitalGlobe, Frazier became a trusted mission partner, won billions of dollars in new contract awards, and incubated two new businesses that were scaled above $100M.

“After my experience at Maxar, I was looking for a company bringing commercial innovation to a critical national security mission,” said Frazier. “LeoLabs is delivering incredible capabilities in the emerging markets of space situational awareness and space domain awareness. LeoLabs was the first company to detect a secondary object released by a Russian satellite in November and persistently tracked China’s spaceplane for over 200 days between 2022 and 2023, detecting several maneuvers, deployments, and docking activities.”

“At Maxar, we leveraged the unique capabilities of our constellation, advances in computing, and geospatial analytics expertise to become the industry leader in Earth Intelligence,” Frazier continued. “LeoLabs has built the right capabilities at the right time to become a critical mission partner for U.S., allied, and commercial space operators. I’m excited to join LeoLabs as CEO to build on its market momentum and scale its growth.”

Dan Ceperley co-founded LeoLabs in 2016 while at SRI International. As CEO, Ceperley led the development of the company’s proprietary radar technology, completing its first radar site in 2017 and expanding the network globally to include 10 radars in under six years. Under his leadership, LeoLabs built the world’s largest commercially owned catalog of objects and activities in Low Earth Orbit and developed the fastest and most comprehensive data analytics platform for space operations. It has won multiple multi-million-dollar contracts and raised more than $120M in venture capital funding.

Source: LeoLabs

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