Titan wins Los Alamos data analysis contract

Triad National Security, which operates Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL), announced on March 10 that it has selected a new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solution from Titan Technologies to support LANL’s classified research goals.

Titan Technologies’ Core Data Platform (CDP) uses artificial intelligence to sort unstructured and semi-structured content (including large volumes of analog media) into a secure digital repository that delivers precisely focused search results through a single integrated interface. By extracting semantic knowledge, relationships, and key entities from large pools of data, CDP significantly improves the speed and accuracy of searches within archival research material.

LANL tested CDP in a rigorous pilot project before moving forward with their deployment. “We use Titan Technologies’ CDP to process complex research tasks,” said Rizwan Ali, Director of the National Security Research Center at LANL.

The CDP tool is the latest innovation from Titan Technologies, which has built a reputation for delivering advanced, multidimensional solutions in data analytics, systems modernization, and cloud services. Titan Technologies’ CDP provides LANL with benefits including:

  • Expanded base of searchable documents – CDP makes more resources available to search by using an AI-based optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically extract text and metadata from a variety of source systems, such as digitized images. CDP then uses AI and ML processes toapply Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to content. For instance, CDP will know if the word “plant” refers to gardening, a warehouse, or idea implantation.
  • Detection of hidden meaning within the data –CDP’s NLP and NLU technology draws connections between seemingly disparate ideas. For example, one document may point out that J. Robert Oppenheimer had a brother, while another document outlines Frank Oppenheimer’s accomplishments. CDP will reveal the hidden relevance of those documents for the end user.
  • Faster time to discovery – CDP makes searching and finding relevant documents quick and efficient. The solution uses ML to automatically and accurately populate metadata fields, which would take a human more than 400 years to perform manually.
  • Easier user experience –A unified gateway with a user-friendly interface provides a single point of access for end users to run an integrated precision search and recall from a variety of different source systems.
  • Fully secure access –Appropriate security protocols control visibility both to the metadata against which searches are conducted and to the actual documents in the source systems.

“We’re pleased that LANL has chosen Titan Technologies to provide sophisticated artificial intelligence technology for its classified research needs,” said David Ramirez, chief operating officer of Titan Technologies. “We look forward to continuing to deploy our CDP in similar programs for a wide range of government organizations, as well as for companies in industries such as legal, healthcare IT, and others.”

Source: Titan