Textron and AirLand build new, less-expensive ‘Scorpion’ ISR/Strike aircraft

Textron Airland
Textron AirLand
Scorpion ISR /
strike aircraft

Textron AirLand, LLC, a joint venture between Textron Inc. and AirLand Enterprises, LLC, announced on Feb. 14 that the Scorpion Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)/Strike aircraft completed additional test flights in January and February. The most recent test flight occurred on February 13.

The Scorpion team is planning to conduct several hundred hours of additional flight tests in 2014, each flight targeting specific objectives pushing the aircraft’s airspeed, altitude and performance envelope.

“Overall, we’ve had very positive results through the initial test flights,” said Dan Hinson, chief test pilot for the Scorpion team and 23-year veteran Navy pilot. “In these early flights, we have evaluated the aircraft performance and tested a wide range of mechanical and electronic systems. The Scorpion is a very agile platform and I’m confident in the airframe as we continue through the test and evaluation phase.”

Most of the test flights will be conducted at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, and the team is planning numerous flights outside of the area.

Textron AirLand is pursuing sales opportunities with U.S. military branches as well as a number of U.S. partner nations. The company is seeking market license and export approvals for additional opportunities, driven by early interest from specific U.S. partner nations.

Click here to see a video about the Scorpion.