Texas congresswoman defines the balance between security and privacy

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee
Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) told her colleagues on Feb. 5 that she had participated in a “very vigorous hearing and discussion on questions of National Security Agency and privacy of the American people” during a meeting the previous day of the House Judiciary Committee, of which she is a member.

She reminded her colleagues that she is a sponsor of H.R. 2434, the Civilian Contractors Engaged in Intelligence Activities Reduction Act, which she noted has “seen large support from the White House. This legislation involves a reduction in the outsourcing of the nation’s intelligence activities and “really bringing in-house the training and expertise of those handling America’s intelligence,” explained Rep. Jackson-Lee.

She also mentioned that she has introduced H.R. 2440, the FISA Court in the Sunshine Act, which deals with what the congresswoman called “the mega trolling that has occurred under the NSA business records.”

“What America wants is security but balanced with privacy and the respect for the Fourth Amendment, prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure,” continued the Texas lawmaker. “It is important for this Congress to come together in a bi-partisan way to stand up and be on the American people’s side so that we can secure them, secure the homeland, but we can also provide for their privacy.”