Teradata and MongoDB, Inc. empower ‘Big Data’ strategies with JSON integration

Terradata and Mongo Teradata announced on June 19 an alliance with MongoDB, Inc. to integrate their systems by building a high-speed, bi-directional connector based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Use of the new connector will empower users to easily incorporate data for analytics, while improving operations with strategic intelligence.

JSON is a source of Big Data that is embraced across industries and organizations of all sizes to support analytics. The bi-directional Teradata QueryGrid connector allows Teradata customers to integrate massive volumes of JSON with cross-organizational data in the data warehouse for high performance analytics. Through the connector, MongoDB customers will have access to JSON that has been enriched by Teradata to support rapidly evolving applications for mobile, Internet of Things, eCommerce and social media.

“Teradata and MongoDB have committed to build a flexible, frictionless integration to simplify and speed the exchange of JSON data that supports innovative applications and offers a new, rich data source for analytics, and the operational environment,” said Chris Twogood, vice president, product and services marketing for Teradata Labs.

With this collaboration, users can easily connect MongoDB applications and analytics running on Teradata. The seamless, self-service access to data and analytic processing is made possible by Teradata QueryGrid. This capability works across different systems from within a single Teradata Database or Aster Database query. It accesses and analyzes data without special tools or IT intervention. Teradata QueryGrid takes the analytics to the data; it minimizes data movement and duplication by processing data where it resides. Teradata QueryGrid when coupled with MongoDB provides an interactive data processing at extremely fast speeds.

“Together with Teradata, we will offer the best-in-class capabilities of MongoDB to deliver deep analytics with near real-time data,” said Vijay Vijayasankar, vice president, global channels and business development at MongoDB. “Our combined strengths will bring customers a complete, never-seen-before view of their enterprise.”