TCOM acquires Equinox Innovative Systems

On April 2, TCOM L.P. announced the addition of Columbia, MD-based Equinox Innovative Systems. The acquisition will expand the company’s platforms to include tethered and untethered unmanned aircraft system (UAS) with autonomous and mobile operational capabilities.

Equinox Innovative Systems specializes in advanced multirotor drone technology, focusing on tethered and heavy-lift drone systems within the aerospace, defense, and commercial industries. The company’s products include a range of drones capable of extended flight durations, heavy payload lift, and all-weather autonomous operations that are designed for applications such as military operations, emergency response, infrastructure inspection, and telecommunications. Equinox Innovative Systems primarily serves the defense, telecommunications, public safety, and energy sectors, with specialized equipment for a variety of mission-critical operations that complement the services currently offered by TCOM.

This acquisition will allow TCOM to offer a complementary suite of products capable of addressing all layers and domains. From lower-tier, mobile/autonomous tactical edge solutions and mid-tier operational and tactical strategic awareness Aerostats to upper-tier high altitude balloon systems (HABS) that will bolster the company’s line of persistent elevated solutions, the addition of Equinox will provide customers with the ability to optimize the balance between flight time, power, and payload capacity to deliver consistently superior solutions around the world, according to TCOM.

“TCOM is excited to welcome Equinox, and we look forward to working together on the next generation of autonomous solutions that meet the growing needs of our customers both now and in the future,” said Ron Bendlin, president and CEO of TCOM. “Adding their expertise in radio frequency and system engineering, as well electro-mechanical airframe integration, will not only complement our existing technology roadmap but also serve to bring this cutting-edge innovation under one operation to aid in the protection of strategic regions around the globe.”

Equinox founder and CEO Randy Morser said, “We are honored to join team TCOM following several years of collaboration. A more complimentary match would be hard to imagine. We have so much technology in common and direct application for our expertise in Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Special Operations, Artificial Intelligence, Communications, and Systems Integration. The next steps we take together will be groundbreaking, to say the least.”

Source: TCOM

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