Syntel teams with Raytheon|Websense to deliver advanced cybersecurity solutions

Syntel 112Syntel, Inc., a Troy, MI-based provider of digital transformation, information technology and knowledge process services, announced on June 16 that it has been named a preferred integration partner by Raytheon|Websense, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for government and industry. Syntel will offer implementation services for Raytheon|Websense’s SureView® family of products.

SureView is a sophisticated suite of cybersecurity and analytics solutions that deliver unprecedented visibility across the enterprise, with the goal of managing enterprise risk, unearthing patterns in threat activity and profiling attacks to minimize disruption, contain exposure, and protect business critical assets.

The products that make up the SureView suite were developed to operate independently or can be easily integrated to provide a full spectrum of enterprise security. Syntel will provide end-to-end implementation, customization and integration services for SureView products.

“Syntel is excited to partner with Raytheon|Websense to bring its SureView suite of security products to global companies,” said Syntel CEO, Nitin Rakesh. “In the digital economy, data is of paramount value, and enterprises must ensure that their networks and systems have the right security in place to reduce enterprise risk, ensure business continuity, protect critical systems and infrastructure, and protect sensitive customer data.”

“The SureView family of products will provide our clients with the defense-grade security that today’s digital enterprises demand,” said Rakesh.

The SureView product family provides end-to-end protection against threats originating both inside and outside the enterprise, including malware, advanced persistent threats and malicious insider behavior. SureView effectively detects and analyzes threat movement so that they can be quickly controlled and contained, and provides forensics and analytics tools that can assess the damage and remediate the attack.

“Raytheon|Websense offers proven, scalable, and easy-to-use cyber security solutions that have been widely deployed,” said Ed Hammersla, President of Raytheon Cyber Products, Inc. “In Syntel, we have a strong partner and an experienced systems integrator with a wealth of experience delivering valuable, high-impact solutions to enterprise clients.”

“We are confident that Raytheon|Websense’s innovative SureView products coupled with Syntel’s integration and technology expertise will be a winning combination for Global 2000 enterprises,” added Hammersla.

Source: Syntel, Inc.