Symposium in McLean, VA, on asymmetric threats slated for Oct. 1

Ken Asbury
Ken Asbury

CACI International Inc. has announced that the eighth symposium in the Asymmetric Threat symposia series, titled “Cyber, Electronic Warfare, and Critical Infrastructure Strategies for National Security,” is scheduled for October 1, 2014.

Sponsored jointly by the Association of Old Crows (AOC), CACI, and the Center for Security Policy (CSP), the symposium will take place at the Gannett Conference Center in McLean, Virginia.

This non-partisan, not‐for‐profit event is part of the Asymmetric Threat series, established in 2008 by CACI as a forum for furthering the national dialogue on how to address complex asymmetric threats to national security. Last year’s symposium focused on the interplay of offense and defense in combating asymmetric threats. This year’s symposium will focus on the indispensable role of cyber, electromagnetic spectrum dominance and electronic warfare measures in defending the U.S. and its critical cyber infrastructure, as well as assuring U.S. military operational superiority.

This symposium is by invitation only. Registration for invitees is now open at

Wayne Shawand Ken Israel, of the Association of Old Crows, said, “In any modern, complex conflict the speed of information must exceed the speed of engagement. cyber and EW are at the epicenter of information driven operations. We in the Association of Old Crows are addressing how to optimize the synergy between EW and cyber within a constrained electromagnetic environment. Both EW and cyber have become ‘on call’ capabilities that directly contribute to the kill chain. Control of the electromagnetic spectrum is now as vital as the weapons themselves.”

According to CACI’s president and CEO, Ken Asbury, “CACI and our co-sponsors, the Association of Old Crows and the Center for Security Policy, continue our thought leadership in the critical area of national security with our joint support for the annual Asymmetric Threat symposia series. These events, which attract an array of experts from government, civilian agencies, and industry, continue our commitment to finding the solutions our nation requires to counter national and global threats at every level.”

Frank Gaffney, President and Founder of the Center for Security Policy, said, “The vulnerabilities of America’s electric and other critical infrastructures to asymmetric attack and naturally occurring events could give rise to existential threats to the nation. This conference should make an important contribution to identifying and encouraging the needed corrective actions.”