Susan Davis International launches cyber risk communications practice

?????Washington, DC-based Susan Davis International (SDI) announced on December 1 that noted cyber security expert Frank Cilluffo will lead SDI’s new cyber risk communications practice. He will be joined by former Goldman Sachs Director of Global Security Rob Dannenberg; former Commander of U.S. Army CyberCommand, General Rhett Hernandez (Ret); cyber expert and Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Risk and Resilience, Kirstjen Nielsen; SDI Chairman Susan Davis and SDI Vice President Tom Davis.

The practice will offer due diligence analysis and management consulting to assist corporate boards and senior management with potential reputational risk, loss of market share and/or customer and shareholder concerns that may arise from cyber security incidents. It will provide boards with an understanding of why they may be targets of cyber malactors as well as what information and systems might be at risk and why. It will also help boards better understand the changing policy and legal landscape around reporting, best practices and liability, the firm said.

Through consulting and simulation exercises, SDI’s cyber risk communications practice will offer evaluation of:

  • The nature of cyber risks facing the company, including risks posed by state actors and insiders, as well as those associated with third-party vendors, suppliers and service providers
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Board, its various committees and management in identifying, evaluating, responding to and recovering from cyber threats and incidents
  • Corporate policies, frameworks and governance processes related to cyber security and risk management
  • Incident response and crisis communications planning and evaluation to ensure all stakeholder concerns are addressed and aid business recovery
  • How various cyber scenarios could impact the business (financial losses, reputation, liability)

SDI also will offer a range of planning assistance as well as real time crisis management support during an incident.

Source: SDI