Steampunk wins FedRAMP contract

On February 7, McLean, VA-based Steampunk announced it has been awarded the FedRAMP Technical Review and Analysis Support Services contract. Steampunk provides support to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the execution of the FedRAMP program, which includes conducting information assurance, cyber security, and risk-based reviews of FedRAMP cloud service candidates for Joint Authorization Board (JAB) provisional authorization (P-ATO).

As part of these efforts, Steampunk manages and conducts independent cyber security risk assessments of cloud service provider (CSP) candidate cloud services and collaborates with multiple-IT-discipline teams to resolve security and/or risk evaluation conflicts. Through its support of FedRAMP, Steampunk has assessed 8 of the 10 largest known CSPs in the world, including Azure, AWS, and Google, while continuously monitoring 30+ CSPs.

“Steampunk’s information security work at DHS has been part of the foundation of our company. We are thrilled to continue partnering with DHS to enable secure cloud modernization across the federal government and to bring our focus on service design to help drive improvements in the FedRAMP review process,” said Brad Cole, Steampunk’s chief growth officer.

Source: Steampunk

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