SS8 secures three lawful intelligence contracts

SS8 Networks, based in Milpitas, CA, announced on February 11 it has been awarded three multimillion-dollar Lawful Intelligence contracts based in Asia and North America for their Intellego XT and Xcipio product lines.

In all these contracts, SS8 was selected to complete end-to-end national intelligence deployments. The technology required included scalable communication data interception of up to 10Gbps per target for a 5G Core network. Additionally, high throughput data analytics and multi-access (4G, 5G, converged networks, international gateways and broadband) were technical obligations in these contracts. SS8’s highly effective solutions provide law enforcement agencies with real-time intelligence and visualization of criminal and terrorist activities.

Organized criminals have become increasingly sophisticated with the technologies they use, creating challenges for law enforcement agencies relying on siloed data platforms. Using its Xcipio solution, SS8 is solving today’s challenges with the real-time interception of communication and target data and their highly advanced Intellego XT platform, which provides data fusion and sophisticated analytics for law enforcement agencies.

“SS8 has deployed our new end to end platform in three continents and with these additional awards, we continue to provide leading technology for the law enforcement community,” said Dr. Keith Bhatia, chief executive officer at SS8. “Our mission is to provide technology for a safer tomorrow and our one-stop mediation, monitoring and data analytics solutions are designed to do just that.”

Source: SS8