SS8 expands Acceler8 program

On April 2, Milpitas, CA-based SS8 Networks, a leader in Lawful and Location Intelligence and Monitoring Suite platforms, announced the expansion of their Acceler8 program to specialized Govtech partners, which will allow the company to continue its expansion into international government and intelligence agencies.

The global demand for advanced intelligence solutions to help investigate and solve serious and organized crimes is growing significantly. Acceler8 is designed to assist SS8 partners in capturing that growth by enhancing their solution portfolio with leading lawful interception, location, and data intelligence solutions. The program offers an onboarding process that includes extensive product training, go-to-market support, sales enablement, and marketing assistance from SS8 intelligence experts.

“We are excited to expand our Acceler8 program. SS8 has been successful because of our advanced next generation intelligence software that helps law enforcement collect, monitor, and analyze siloed data to solve criminal investigations,” said Dr. Keith Bhatia, CEO of SS8 Networks. “Our partners will be able to procure new business and develop new revenue streams with our industry leading Xcipio, LocationWise, and Intellego XT platforms, which helps extend our efforts to make the world a safer place.”

As part of the program, partners can position SS8’s Lawful and Location Intelligence solutions to regional and national communication service providers, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The company’s powerful, ready-to-deploy platform helps investigators search for the data they need quickly for criminal investigations. They also assure operators achieve value for money compliance for mediation and location mandates, helping provide data for emergency services and border security.

Source: SS8

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