SpaceLink announces four executive hires

On January 19, McLean, VA-based SpaceLink announced it has built out its senior executive team with four experienced satellite industry leaders. The company is building a satellite relay system for secure, continuous, high-capacity data relay service between low earth orbit (LEO) and the ground to meet pent up demand for fast and affordable access to the growing flood of data available from space.

Tony Colucci has been named chief strategy and commercial officer and Larry Rubin joins as chief operating officer. Both were instrumental in establishing the company’s vision of a service that will help advance humanity to a new age of space commerce, exploration, environmental awareness, and security. Rob Singh, formerly of Maxar Technologies, has joined as chief technology officer, and David Lihani, formerly of Astrolabe Enterprises, was named general counsel.

“I joined SpaceLink knowing that a superior executive team would be supporting me in my role as CEO,” said David Bettinger, chief executive oOfficer at SpaceLink. “Tony, Larry, Rob and David all have stellar lists of accomplishments developing communications satellite networks around the world. They understand the value of our substantial bandwidth in MEO and are driving the design and construction of an advanced communications network that will serve both commercial and government spacecraft in near Earth orbit.”

SpaceLink is a subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems of Australia (EOS). The relay system will optimize access to imagery from Earth observation satellites and will provide continuous communications for human spaceflight. The company’s goal is to provide a secure connection for the defense and intelligence communities and fast data transfer for space agencies.

Source: SpaceLink