Sotera’s DataWake browser supports DARPA MEMEX contract

Sotera 112Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. (Sotera) created the DataWake browser which facilitates new techniques for scraping sources and presenting that information to users in a way to easily identify connections in web pages visited and not-visited.  Herndon, VA-based Sotera announced on April 7 received research funding through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) MEMEX program enabling users to track internet information and discover a slice of the web that pertains a specific problem.

A recent CBS 60 Minutes episode (New Search Engine has exposed the “Dark Web”) has highlighted the power of MEMEX in the fight against human trafficking.  MEMEX is able to correlate vast amounts of information opening new vectors for investigation.  New York City is currently using MEMEX to combat sex trafficking; Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. stated they “…have 20 open investigations in which we are using the MEMEX tools and eight open indictments.”

“Sotera is very excited to be part of the MEMEX Program, which provides the capability to create a configurable domain-specific interface into web content. It is a great privilege to be trusted by DARPA I2O to conduct this research and work with multiple talented MEMEX performers to provide innovative revolutionary content discovery, information extraction, information retrieval, and user collaboration tools for multiple domains.  We are proud of the early successes of the MEMEX program and look forward to continuing this line of research with this exceptional team.” Kathleen Lossau – Sotera Principal Investigator

Source: Sotera Defense Solutions