SOSi secures two GSA OASIS spots

Reston, VA-based SOS International LLC (SOSi) announced October 26 that it has been awarded contracts in two pools under the General Services Administration’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) acquisition. OASIS has a total of six pools under which government agencies can solicit bids for professional services. The multi-award contract has an estimated total ceiling value of $50 billion through September 2024.

SOSi was one of only 21 companies selected for spots in more than one of the OASIS services pools. Under Pool Three, SOSi will provide engineering and technical services for military and aerospace equipment, military weapons, marine engineering, and naval architecture. Under Pool Four, the company will provide research and development for emerging bio and nanotechnologies.

“Winning two OASIS contracts significantly enhances SOSi’s access to critical new markets,” said Julian Setian, SOSi’s chief executive officer. “They will enable us to bring our information technology, research, and development capabilities to a host of customers and end-users we may not have had the ability to reach before.”

OASIS has been designated as a “Best-in-Class” contract vehicle by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The distinction indicates OASIS is a preferred governmentwide solution for federal agencies seeking pre-vetted, complex professional services for innovative solutions both inside and outside the contiguous United States. The vehicle is flexible, supporting all contract types, including hybrid and cost-reimbursement contracts, at the task order level. OASIS may also be used for contracts with ancillary support components, commonly referred to as other direct costs, at the task order level.

Source: SOSi