SOSi secures ARIMS contract

On April 30, Reston, VA-based SOSi announced it was awarded a new contract worth approximately $19 million by the U.S. Army Enterprise Services Agency for declassification and records management technical support services.

As the prime awardee on this contract, SOSi will provide technical, analytical, and database-related support for the modernization and cloud migration of the Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS) and its family of applications. The services include application programming and lifecycle management, systems and network administration, cybersecurity, and infrastructure sustainment to ensure interoperability of the ARIMS applications and IT systems. SOSi will develop and secure these essential Army applications, and will plan, create, implement, and maintain major databases in compliance with Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and Army regulations.

“We recognize the crucial role of the Army Records Information Management System in ensuring the proper stewardship of records. SOSi’s extensive expertise leading modernization efforts to include application development and cloud migration uniquely positions us to effectively support the Enterprise Services Agency’s objective of revitalizing this vital system,” said Josh Zloba, SOSi vice president for technology and engineering.

ARIMS is a web-based records management system used by the U.S. Army to maintain classified and unclassified information in electronic and hard copy format. It provides a centralized and standardized approach to collecting, classifying, and retaining records across the service branch.

Source: SOSi

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