SOSi announces reorganization

SOSi announced on June 11 the consolidation of its defense information technology and intelligence solutions business units under the leadership of Ed Bachl. Bachl was a co-founder of Vykin Corporation, which was acquired by SOSi in July 2019.

The company’s newly integrated Defense and Intelligence Solutions Group aligns its intelligence analytic, information operations, and technical collection capabilities with its world-class engineering, cybersecurity, and mission IT expertise. The Group supports a variety of programs in the Department of Defense (DOD) and Intelligence Community (IC). It is a prime contractor on the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Solutions for Intelligence Analysis (SIA) program. It is the lead architect of the DoD’s global Mission Partner Environment (MPE), which is used by allied, coalition, and bilateral partners to securely communicate and share information. Its successes on the MPE program – awarded by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and transitioned recently to the U.S. Air Force – makes SOSi a lead contender for an $8 billion contract to be solicited later this summer by the U.S. Air Force combining the MPE and Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems Extended (BICES-X) contracts.

The new business also integrates SOSi’s advanced technology research and development capabilities with its real and virtual intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) sensor and electronic warfare solutions, further promoting the objectives of a newly-formed subsidiary within the business unit aimed at developing cutting edge technology products supporting classified programs.

“The lines between analytic services and technologies are continuously blurring as more defense and intelligence customers adopt and deploy cloud, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions enterprise-wide,” said Julian Setian, SOSi president and CEO. “As a bold and agile organization, we are adapting our business structure to align with the operational and procurement strategy shifts exhibited by our customer in the defense and intelligence markets.”

The newly integrated business is actively managing dozens of programs stretching across four continents. A large segment of the Group’s international workforce is comprised of trained analysts charged with providing timely, reliable, and relevant intelligence for warfighters, planners, and policy professionals worldwide. The organization also has a sophisticated team of multilingual analysts and advisors supporting global information operations.

“Approximately one-third of all SOSi employees supporting U.S. government programs outside of the U.S., and roughly half are working in support of highly critical intelligence and information technology and cybersecurity missions, said John Avalos, SOSi chief operating officer. “We have an opportunity to leverage our global footprint and market-leading collection support and analysis capabilities to grow our business and address the emerging needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community and Combatant Commands.”

“Positioning our talented cadre of analysts, developers, and IT professionals within one business unit give us a tremendous market discriminator,” said Bachl, SOSi’s senior vice president for Defense and Intelligence Solutions. “We can incorporate actual user feedback taken from our analysts in the field to develop more effective mission applications, networks, and IT solutions that meet our customers’ current and future needs.”

As part of the reorganization, SOSi promoted Christopher Alligood to vice president of the Intelligence Solutions Division, where he will lead the delivery and growth of SOSi’s analytic and technical solutions for IC customers. Alligood, a prior Army officer with over 20 years of government and industry experience, joined SOSi in 2018.

Source: SOSi