SocialRadar, which can provide bio data instantly, now available for Google Glass

SocialRadarSocialRadar, the application that gives you real-time information about the people around you, announced on May 5 a new, free app for Google Glass.

The app is the first of its kind for the Glass device, combining real-time social network information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Google+ with geo-location data from your Glass device to empower you to make smarter real-world connections.

The SocialRadar app for Google Glass is available for free at

“We see a huge potential market for our app related to wearables and we’re excited to be one of the early leaders in tech development,” said Michael Chasen, founder and chief executive officer at SocialRadar. “Our app provides tremendous value to wearable technology by making you more socially intelligent about the people around you. According to IDC, wearable devices, like Google Glass, will reach 19 million units in 2014 and then dramatically grow to 111.9 million in 2018.”

When you walk into a room, SocialRadar for Google Glass quickly and discreetly tells you who is there, how you are connected and what they have been up to on social networks, right in front of your eye. The app gives you all the information you need for a personal, well informed, interaction.

For example, you will always remember other people’s names as your Glass will know everyone in the room. You will no longer struggle with what to talk about because your Glass will pull all of the person’s social feeds to let you know what they have been doing. And, you will not need to wonder if you are missing anyone important at the event, as your Glass will tell you everyone in the room that you know.

“When we heard about Google Glass, we immediately got excited about developing an app for Glass. We were one of the first beta testers in D.C. region,” said Chasen, “We see huge potential with Glass to fundamentally change the way people meet and connect, by mixing social media profiles and location in real time.”

How people can use SocialRadar:

  • Get actionable social intelligence. With SocialRadar, you      can walk into a room or attend an event, and with a quick glance at your      Google Glass, recognize that there are 20 people near you whom you know —      six work colleagues, four people from your college, two old high school      friends, someone who plays tennis, and seven friends-of-friends. Screens      on Glass will tell you that one of your friends recently just moved to      town and another just got a new job — and that job is at a place where      you are also applying to work, so you reach out.
  • See where your friends are. When you are      looking to go out in the evening, you can pull up SocialRadar for Google      Glass to see the places where your friends are hanging out. You can use      the map to locate large groups of friends and then use the Radar Range,      SocialRadar’s proprietary location technology, to find them at a party.
  • Meet new people. SocialRadar helps you meet people with common      backgrounds, such as the same former employer, philanthropic causes,      hobbies or interests — such as fellow Glass Explorers. In a new city,      it’s natural to have social anxiety. SocialRadar is a portable icebreaker      — along with Google Glass itself —  empowering you to make connections with      people in an unfamiliar place. You can even be alerted, if you choose,      when those who share your interests are close by.
  • Lose the nametags. At a business lunch, you may not remember how you know      someone across the table that you are sure you have met before. Now you      don’t even need to awkwardly pull out your phone to find out. SocialRadar      for Google Glass can remind you, as well as pull relevant social network      data on that person. You no longer have to pretend that you remember that      person; rather, you can now wow them with relevant topics that spark      interesting conversation and demonstrate that you’ve been keeping up with      what’s been happening to that individual.
  • Network like never before. At a tradeshow like CES      or SXSW, you want to connect with people who have similar interests, but      it is hard to know who is there. SocialRadar for Google Glass illuminates      connections in the room and guides you to that one person with whom you      have been dying to network.

Also coming soon is SocialRadar for Android, further expanding the reach of SocialRadar’s intelligent real-time social network application.

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