Siren launches Siren Consulting with Ryan Clarke as managing director

Ireland-based Siren announced October 20 that Ryan Clarke has been appointed as the managing director of Siren Consulting, the new strategic and applied projects unit of Siren.

Siren Consulting leverages Siren’s investigative and intelligence technology in combination with domain-specific expertise, novel intelligence architectures and unique network graph generation and precision targeting capabilities. Siren Consulting provides an array of intelligence and analytical augmentation and special project execution capabilities. These capabilities directly address the most acute current-state and emerging challenges facing national security, law enforcement, intelligence, and uniformed armed forces as well as financial institutions.

Dr. Clarke is a leading multidomain intelligence and operational specialist with a career which has spanned strategic positions in law enforcement, defense, investment banking, strategic net assessments, and emergency response. He has operated in multiple complex environments against hostile state actors and a range of other networked threat groups (state, non-state, and hybrid). He has lived in the Indo-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, as well as the United States and has both field and analytical experience on every continent. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and is regarded as one of the world’s preeminent experts in the field of network analysis and its applications for net assessments, strategic/operational planning, and precision targeting.

John Randles, CEO of Siren, said: “Siren Consulting elevates what we can do for clients. Having someone with Ryan’s skills and experience will help our clients to organize and plan for what their future operating model should be in Investigations. He is a recognized authority and respected in the industry having led so many missions which our clients worry about every day. We wish him every success in the new role.”

Source: Siren

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