Shift5 and Booz Allen partner

On July 2, Shift5, the observability platform for onboard operational technology (OT), and Booz Allen Hamilton announced a strategic partnership to integrate Shift5’s onboard data access and observability capabilities into Booz Allen’s suite of AI/ML-powered cybersecurity and predictive maintenance solutions. The integration enables clients with complete cybersecurity awareness and maintenance intelligence, from onboard fleet assets to the digital battlespace surrounding them.

Insights derived from Shift5’s unique, dual-use observability onboard OT platform—combined with Booz Allen’s cross-sector mission understanding, battle-tested approaches, and ready-to-deploy solutions—can scale across large, complex fleets, enabling operators with smarter, faster decisions through real-time data access, contextual insights, and actionable analytics at the edge. By integrating Shift5 Platform insights into its AI/ML models, Booz Allen enriches its cybersecurity and predictive maintenance solutions, leading to higher efficiency in anomaly detection and improved asset availability. This collaboration helps Booz Allen deploy innovative, next-generation technologies to its clients at scale to stay ahead of an ever-evolving threat landscape, while also delivering professional services for data operationalization and integration.

This strategic partnership furthers the existing relationship between both companies. Booz Allen previously announced that its corporate venture capital arm, Booz Allen Ventures, LLC, made a strategic investment in Shift5. Shift5 supports Booz Allen’s continued delivery of superior tradecraft for cyber-physical resilience and mission readiness.

“Operational technology is a linchpin for national security, enabling U.S. critical infrastructure to perform essential functions,” said Brad Medairy, executive vice president and leader of Booz Allen’s National Cyber business. “As adversaries increasingly view the U.S. federal government, intelligence agencies, the military, and all critical infrastructure industries as one cyber battlespace, ensuring cyber-physical resilience and mission readiness within OT environments is paramount. Together, Booz Allen and Shift5 will assist clients with outpacing adversaries through superior tradecraft powered by real-time data and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.”

The Shift5 Platform is hardware, bus, and protocol agnostic and performs passive, full-take data capture from any onboard source—every frame, every bus, every protocol. It unlocks the complete ecosystem of onboard data for operators for the first time, enabling real-time decision intelligence through complete onboard data access and observability from the asset level to fleet scale.

“Transportation and defense operators are central to maintaining economic stability and defending national security; without their reliable and consistent performance, the global supply chain falters, human safety is at risk, and the nation loses advantage in strategic competition,” said Josh Lospinoso, CEO and co-founder, Shift5. “Given the current state of geopolitics and evolution in the threat landscape, commercial and military operators must adopt a new definition of complete cybersecurity that includes observability, OT, and AI/ML. Shift5’s work with Booz Allen brings together these core components to give operators a decision advantage.”

Source: Shift5

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