Sev1Tech joins Digital Twin Consortium

On June 12, the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) announced that Sev1Tech has joined the consortium. Sev1Tech joined the DTC to collaborate on research, testing, and standards for digital twins, digital threads, MBSE, AI/ML, and the intersection of the technologies. In addition, Greg Porter, principal solutions architect at Sev1Tech, will join the DTC Steering Committee.

“We’re excited to have Sev1Tech’s Greg Porter join the DTC Steering Committee and to the guidance he will offer, based on his extensive experience working with the government and private sector on digital twins and related technologies,” said Dan Isaacs, DTC’s GM and CTO. “Sev1Tech’s move to the Steering Committee level continues their strong commitment to bringing forward their leadership and innovation. Their practical expertise and combination of Digital Twins, Reality Capture, and AI knowledge with their multi-agent approach, as presented at prior Quarterly member meetings, proves to be a valuable addition to DTC working groups, advancing the level of work product.”

“Our new Digital Twin Platform Solution represents a significant leap forward in harnessing the power of data to drive innovation and efficiency. By providing a comprehensive, real-time digital replica of physical assets, we empower our clients to optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making processes,” said Porter. “By being part of the Digital Twin Consortium for this groundbreaking technology reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers in a rapidly changing digital landscape.”

At Sev1Tech, Porter sets strategies and builds technologies around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Digital Threads, and Digital Twins. He has spent the last decade assisting clients across many different government and commercial entities in designing and implementing these technologies. For the past two years, he worked with NASA on the creation of the Industrial Metaverse, a dynamic twin-of-twins platform capable of incorporating all of NASA’s campuses and manufacturing into a single digital domain.

Source: DTC

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